Pokémon GO – Ultimate Guide | How to Catch Rare Pokemon

How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO – Well we know Pokémon GO now become a craze, and there is no person left who is not aware of it, until you are not a part of any social group, or you at not in contact with your friends or any other.

But this has raised the hype among the world and all the Pokémon lovers have now been on the mission to catch them all. So if you are yet not in the fan club then download this game, and you will be a part of it.

How to Catch Rare Pokemon

By now you all must have managed to download Pokemon GO APK if it is not yet available on your Smartphone.

After all, there are other methods too available. If you have managed to download the game then great but it is just like a fever that will slowly spread from one to another and from another to someone else.

Pokémon GO – Ultimate Guide

So be prepared for such kind of surprising events as this is what all you have been waiting for from years. There are many Pokémon out there and waiting for you to grab them all.

The game has set the new revolution in the world of the gaming industry and has become popular among the world. It already got millions of downloads, and actually, one of the greatest mechanics joined to find the Pokémon.

Pokemon GO Rare Pokemons

That is how we use to see in the cartoon show and that is what actually has become.  Pokémon as a craze can never run out of those who have been a huge fan of it.

Talking about one of the rare Pokémon then we must know is Pikachu. At the beginning of the game we, are provided with the trio and this trio includes Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. But if you wish to find Pokémon like Pikachu then certainly you can follow the given steps.

How to Catch Rare Pokemon | Pokémon GO

To find a rare Pokémon like Pikachu either you need to wait and discover some of the rare spaces and areas that will help you have the rare Pokémon. Or you can follow the given steps to have Pikachu as your first rare Pokémon ever.

If you already have the application, and you have an account on the game itself, then you need to sign out of the game and create a new Id or sign in with the trainer club account.

  • Once you have created the new account, then open up the game and sign in with the new account.
  • Start walking around and outside.
  • You will then be able to notice the three characters or Pokémon walking towards you.
  • So instead of walking towards them all you need to do is to walk away from them.
  • Walk until your phone gives you an alert and they appear again in front of you.
  • Keep on walking away like this.
  • You need to follow the same thing like the fifth, sixth time until they stop reappearing
  • Then you can see a fourth Pokémon appearing next to the three Pokémon
  • It will be Pikachu

Throw your Pokeball at him and then you are ready to go. Also, Pikachu is a rare Pokémon, and it does not have any special powers or any advantage with it, but just this electric type Pokémon comes with an advantage over the water Pokémon.

If you in need to catch the water Pokémon then having Pikachu one of the good advantages.

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You may run across him while you play your game but it is rare to find this type of Pokémon nearby.

The kind of Pokémon you wish to have is a lot more dependent on the environment you are in. Either you are in any garden or park it is most certain that you are likely to see grass type Pokémon.

If there is any water type Pokémon you need to have; it is necessary that you must be around water bodies like sea, river or any other water body. Remember that the GPS and you set all the location must have a good internet connection to run the game.

If you wish to find rare Pokémon, then you need to level up and get new Pokémon. So go now on the hunt and catch them all.

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