How to Download Pokemon GO in my Country (USA, UK, Canada Etc)

How to Download Pokemon GO in my Country (USA, UK, Canada Etc) – As the game has been officially launched it is really sad to hear that the game is yet not available online in some countries. And if you belong to one of the countries where it has not yet been launched then you do not need to worry as we will be providing you the steps to download the game.

Pokémon go has been a wonderful game and gaining a lot of hype with already million of download. The game is a new evolution in the gaming industry. Also as the game has now been released, there are rumors that virtual Pokémon is being seen and captured all around the globe.

Pokemon GO in my Country

Well, it is surprising that back in the 90s what we wish to have once will now be true.  So if you at one of the Pokémon fans then you must not even wait for a second to have this game on your phone.

This has been a new revolution to the gaming industry that has immensely been popularized because of its connection with the real world. No wonder such a mastermind game it is that it will involve you with every place you visit.

What is Pokémon GO Game all About?

The game is AR that means that you will be sent to the real world adventure and will be capturing Pokémon from everywhere. The Pokémon can be available anywhere maybe just right in front of you. Every Pokémon has a specific type, and you will be guided to catch them all.

All you need to have is a secondary camera with GPS and a good network, and you are ready for a mind blasting journey. If you want to enjoy this game, then you need to work hard.

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Remember like how Ash uses to find Pokémon, just like him even you need to embark on the journey. You need to throw the Pokeball on them, and then you can add them to your collection and remember every place you visit will be explainable to you encountering different types of Pokémon.

Like if you visit any grassy area you are more likely to have some grassy Pokémon and if you are near about any water body then it is more likely to have water Pokémon nearby.

Download Pokemon Go in my Country

Also if you run out of Pokeball’s, then you do not need to worry as by visiting a public and historical place or any tourist place you can find them there. Now you will think how the phone can detect all these places by itself?  So that is why you need a good GPS connection. Just set your location and you are good to go.

The game is available for both iOS and Android. It is free of cost but however the upgrades might be paid.

How to download Pokémon go if it is not available in the country?

Pokemon GO APK Download for Android

At present the game is available on the respective app stores of iOS and Android in the given countries US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the UK. But following the below-given steps to download the game

  1. The first thing is that you have to make sure that you phone setting are marked to accept the files from the unknown sources. If not you can go to setting and then Change them.
  2. You must visit any APK Mirror via your phone’s browser to have the latest version of the Pokémon Go app.
  3. Click on download link or tab and wait for it to get downloaded
  4. Hit enter and install the app

Download Pokemon GO App for iOS/iPhone

  • First, you need to Launch the App Store on your iPhone, and tap out from you Apple Id
  • Go to SETTINGS then change the Language and Region.
  • Click on region and change is to the USA or New Zealand or Australia
  • Return to app store and search Pokémon Go
  • You will now find the app, click on Get and then install the app.
  • You will be asked to sign in the id, but then you need to check new instead of typing the old one.
  • Remember to choose any other email or any US based address.
  • For filling billing option check none

Go back to the app store as the account has been created and now enjoy playing your favorite game.  Do not miss out any step and provide the information correctly to enjoy the unlimited fun.

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Pokemon GO APK Download
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