Download Pokemon Ruby for Android and iOS platforms – Latest Version

Download Pokemon Ruby for Android – Pokemon Ruby is the third installment of character play video games under Pokemon (version) series. Moreover, the developer of this specific gaming version is Game Freak. Nintendo has set out Pokemon Ruby for the sake of Gameboy Advance. Along with Pokemon Ruby, the company has also released Pokemon Sapphire as well as Pokemon Emerald. All these outcomes are for giving excitement to the Pokemon fans all over the world.

In the year 2002, Nintendo set out Pokemon Ruby in Japan. It was the introductory launch. Whereas, in 2003, the came was set internationally reachable. Pokemon games have been reaching the people generation-wise. Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, besides Pokemon Emerald come under third generation. You get similar experience with Pokemon Ruby which you enjoy while playing the original Pokemon version game. Same thing goes here too. You have to choose a Pokemon initially. Use it as a main role and then start searching for other Pokemon in the Pokemon island.

Further, Pokemon Ruby runs well on different set of platforms, such as: Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, and so on. So you can download as well as install the game on Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PC, Laptop, etc., Go through the complete post and get the steps to Download Pokemon Ruby for Android as well as iOS platforms.

Download Pokemon Ruby for Android

Download Pokemon Ruby for Android

Moreover, in Pokemon Ruby game also, you have to catch Pokemon as well as attack and defeat the Pokemon Trainers group (Elite Four). Similar to the previous generations, Pokemon Ruby makes you to defeat a cruel (criminal) organization which tries to take over an area. Meanwhile, you have to choose main character Pokemon to attempt the attacks.

This game involves few new set of features, such as: double attacks (battles), Pokemon capabilities together with about 135 latest Pokemon. These two additions offer more excitement while playing the game. You might have come across the previous versions of Pokemon game too. However, Gameboy Advance is powerful comparing to the earlier generations. With the previous versions, there was a limit to connect only two players in the game. But, in Pokemon Ruby, the limit has taken a turn up. The game allows four players to connect at a time.

Furthermore, there is an option to connect Pokemon Ruby to some e-Reader or else few other gen Pokemon gaming apps. For sure, you enjoy entertainment to the maximum.

Features of Pokemon Ruby

  • You can enjoy double battles in the game. Moreover, this specific feature is the most important change in Pokemon Ruby’s battling mechanics.
  • While playing the game, opponent can make use of two Pokemon at a time in the battles.
  • Few moves of the Pokemon keep affecting ample combatants in a single shot.
  • Along with the double battles, developers of Pokemon Ruby have added multi-battles feature too. However, both double battles as well as multi battles are mostly similar. But there exist two different trainers each side. Each Pokemon trainer has to control the Pokemon which you send out.
  • Pokemon contests, Pokemon mini-games are more exciting additions to the Pokemon Ruby. With this, you can play the game before a judge and thereby know your level of playing Pokemon Ruby.
  • With the help of Poke-Blocks, you can increase the move condition of Pokemon. Poke-Blocks are nothing but candies which are made from the berries.

Download Pokemon Ruby for Android

How to download and install Pokemon Ruby on your Android/iOS device?

Follow the steps given here to Download Pokemon Ruby for Android as well as iOS platforms.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. For Android device, go to Google Play Store and Download Visual Boy Advance (VBA Gameboy) Emulator. Whereas, if you are using iPhone/iPad, go to iTunes App Store and then download VBA Gameboy Advance on your device.
  2. Now, download Pokemon Ruby application ROM file on your device.
  3. Open the VBA Gameboy Advance Emulator. Go to ‘File’ option >> Click on it to open >> Choose Pokemon Ruby gaming application ROM Zip file.
  4. Extract the game on your Smartphone/iPhone.
  5. Open it and enjoy playing the game.
  6. Have a Happy Gaming !!

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