Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for Android & iPhone (iOS) free

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for Android & iPhone – We know Pokémon has been one of the favorite shows back in the 90s and even until now. But with the coming of the Pokémon Go the experience has now been evolved with a bang.

Back that time who has not wished to experience the same surprise of meeting new Pokémon and catching them all but that couldn’t have been possible.

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for Android & iPhone

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for Android & iPhone

Many games regarding Pokémon were launched but could not gain much of the hype but the coming of Pokémon Go, a new era has taken place in the gaming industry.

This kind of game has not been invented by any other gaming company that Niantic has launched. It is the ultimate game that we all have been waiting for.

The best thing about this game is it coordinates itself with the outer world and by using the GPS of the Smartphone or iPhone it navigates to different places as you move from one place to another.

So every new place you visit, keep your Pokémon Go game on and see what different Pokémon you get to see and this is the surprise element of the game.

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download

Just like our favorite Pokémon cartoon we can easily move from place to place in search of Pokémon. They can be anywhere maybe walking right beside you or waiting for you to catch them at different locations.

Also, the game requires your camera setting and your GPS to locate you at different locations. All these things add on a new bunch of surprises which will be explained in brief.


But since the app is not launched in every country therefore not everyone can enjoy the fun. But however, we will be providing you methods to download the app in every possible way. So if the app is launched or not yet launched, there should be no restriction to your fun.

Talking about Pokémon Go, Pokémon Go beta has also been launched. So to all Pokémon Go lovers you can now download Pokémon Go Beta APK and start playing. Pokémon GO beta is the updated version of the Pokémon Go.

Since the app is launched and there has been not much time after the release, people might face a few bugs; so to make it better than the previous version it is necessary to keep on updating the apps. You can download your Pokémon go Beta APK for Android and Pokémon GO for iPhone. Both are now available.

Also, the downloading process for the Android users is quite easy in comparison with the iPhone users, but sooner the app will be officially launched for the iPhone too so that you can download the app easily from the app store.

And the Android users who are looking for the app on Google play store; they should not search much as the app has yet not been available in the compatibility of many devices but you can still have an easy way out.

Well also keep in mind that the application requires separate system support and also need different technical aids too. So before downloading the application, you must remember to check that you phone’s compatibility with the application and you have an Android version 4.4.

It is the application launched for experiencing the reality amusement. So now catch the Pokémon from wherever you can by just turning on your cellular location and you are all set to go. Also if there is any Pokémon close by; you will be able to detect by the vibration alert. And that is how you can relate to the real world.

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for Android

It is necessary that before downloading the application, we must be aware of the system capacity. It requires Android version 4.4, and also you need to have 2 GB ram and a good storage capacity to run the app.

Since the app is yet not available on play store here is the method to download the app by using another method

  • Go to the website of Niantic
  • Look for the Pokémon GO beta APK tab or you can even see the Pokémon Go tab with two different version
  • To download the updated version choose 0.29.2 or to download the other version you can click on the tab with version 0.29.0
  • Click on the tab you wish to download
  • Wait for the file to get downloaded and then complete the process by installing the app.

Above are the given steps to download the application on Android.

Pokemon GO Beta APK Download for iPhone

The process of downloading for the Pokémon GO beta APK is same as downloading the game. Beta is just the upgraded version of the game, and so you will be able to see Pokémon plus too as the other upgraded version of the game.

Since the updates are not officially available, you will be able to find it on the website. Follow the below given steps to download the application. Since the game is yet not officially introduced to the iOS

  • First, you need to log out of your Apple Id
  • Open up the app store and log out from it or you can even head to SETTINGS and then to Apple id and log out.
  • Check if the app is compatible with your country if yes then you need not make any necessary changes and if no then open up the SETTINGS and click General and select Language and Region.
  • Also change the region to US, New Zealand or Australia and close the app.
  • Now go to the app store and search for the app if you still couldn’t find it then download any free app and create a new Apple id and then log in using it
  • Carefully follow all the instructions, and select none in billing option and also add a US/Australia/New Zealand based address.
  • Once you new Apple Id is set, go to the app store look for Pokémon Go and download it.

Following the above steps, you can download you favorite app and enjoy the unlimited fun of catching and collecting your own Pokémon.

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