Pokemon Online Games for PC – Get the total list of Pokemon Games here

Pokemon Online Games for PC – There exist hundreds of Pokemon games for PC or Laptop which runs on Windows/Macintosh platforms. You can enjoy playing the games on much bigger screen. Let’s look at the Pokemon Online Games for PC here.

Pokemon Online Games for PC

Pokemon Online Games for PC

Go through the complete post and get Pokemon Online Games for PC/Laptop [Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and Mac].

Pokemon Duel

Pokemon Duel is like a great surprise for the fans of Pokemon around the world. It’s one of the outstanding board gaming application with mixing game plan mechanics. Also, you have lot more to do like card collection as well as gathering the elements of our choice, tons of the Pokemon for playing. Then send those into duels. Notably, this specific game is intricate as well as addictive. As it’s a surprise release, you have to play it to the fullest. The game contains more features to enjoy.

Pokemon TCG

The introductory game came out with name Pokemon Trainer Challenger which was giving 3 decks for initiating. However, with later updates and releases, more number of features were added. Moreover, players buy the cards from black as well as white series which have digital codes. Also, the game players can made avatars of their own using customization option. Further, the game gives booster codes which were made available along with the booster packs on the application. Customers need to buy these packs through online shop or in-app purchases option.

If you win a match, you can earn a token. You can use the token for buying any kind of items on the game. Several items available for purchase are: booster pack of cards, advance-constructing cards, besides customization option for making avatar items.

Pokeland Legends

Pokeland Legends is the game which is available for Android as well as iOS platforms. It’s like a mysterious land which is under sedition now. Frankly speaking, I can’t say just sedition, it’s like a very horrible sedition. You need to attack the evil forces on the land for safe guarding heavenly monsters on Pokemon Legends. Meanwhile, become a great warrior on the land and attack the evil forces.

It’s notable that Pokeland contains about thousand plus monsters. It’s a completely classic plot which provides you a good experience. You can see very clear 3D pictures on the game. Moreover, Pokeland Legends is one of the great CAG games, on which you have to form unique troops to fight against the evil forces. For this, you can request your friends to join the team. Otherwise, you can see other player on the game. You can request them and form a powerful warrior team.

Pokemon Online Games for PC

Camp Pokemon

The world of Pokemon is completely magical and contains several strange creatures. Indeed, you can learn about all those mystical creatures in the Pokemon World via fun activities on Camp Pokemon gaming application. After playing this particular game, you can become a great trainer of Pokemon. Delve deep into the immersive Pokemon island which consists of several tasks which will guide you to master the Pokemon games.

You can do many activities on this Camp Pokemon application. The game gives you more number of fun tasks which teach you the fundamentals of Pokemon including Battle quiz with Match-ups, Poke Ball Throw, and so on. Also, the Pokemon Theater sports more exciting and outstanding promo videos which generate fun for fans of Pokemon all over the world. On regular basis, developers of the game keep adding more and more videos to this Pokemon Theater. So visit the Theater and have fun with Pokemon.

Pokemon Leaf Green

One of the most popular Game Freak as well as Nintendo built the Pokemon Leaf Green version for the sake of Gameboy advanced version. The introductory release of Pokemon Leaf Green was quite normal. But within no time, the game has become more popular and caught the attention of millions of users all around the world. Frankly speaking, it’s a great surprise gaming app to the Pokemon fans. Pokemon Leaf Green game-play is very similar to the original Pokemon game.

While playing the game, you can experience different features. Also, the game comes with few exclusive places. Moreover, you can access those areas easily if you own some special things/items on the game. Otherwise, if you possess any sort of exclusive Pokemon capabilities, you can access the areas successfully. Apart from all these, the game allows you to access the Sevii islands. These islands are part of the existing seven islands as well as consist of Pokemon certain to the Johto area normally.

Pokemon Yellow

You can get same gaming experience which you get with the original version game. In Pokemon Yellow, you can battle the Pokemon with the help of local wireless which is available on Nintendo 3DS group of systems.

On the game, you can go for adventure with Pikachu and finish off with mono-chromatic pixel art. Also, you can experience good background music which is of 4-bit, as well as, great color enhancements. Here, you will play as a Pokemon Trainer and move around the Pokemon land along with Pikachu to search Pokemon.

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby is the third installment of character play video games under Pokemon (version) series. Moreover, in Pokemon Ruby game also, you have to catch Pokemon as well as attack and defeat the Pokemon Trainers group (Elite Four). Similar to the previous generations, Pokemon Ruby makes you to defeat a cruel (criminal) organization which tries to take over an area. Meanwhile, you have to choose main character Pokemon to attempt the attacks.

This game involves few new set of features, such as: double attacks (battles), Pokemon capabilities together with about 135 latest Pokemon. These two additions offer more excitement while playing the game. You might have come across the previous versions of Pokemon game too. However, Gameboy Advance is powerful comparing to the earlier generations. With the previous versions, there was a limit to connect only two players in the game. But, in Pokemon Ruby, the limit has taken a turn up. The game allows four players to connect at a time.

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is one of the Pokemon essence gaming applications. Game Freak is the developer of this specific role-play gaming. Nintendo set out the game exclusively for Gameboy Advance gaming console indeed. The first release of Pokemon Emerald was on 16th September 2004 in Japan. Later releases as well as updates took the game to different parts of North America, Europe, Australia, etc.,

In the game, you need to catch distinct Pokemon varieties (species) and fill them in Pokedex. Moreover, Pokedex is a device in Pokemon Emerald gaming app which allows you to fill it with Pokemon which you have collected. Then, start evolving the Pokemon. You have to finish off about 8 Pokemon gym tasks (challenges) and then attack Elite Four as well as champion.

Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red version is a bit advanced remake of Pokemon Red original version which came out in the year 1996. Whereas, Pokemon Leaf Green is a remake of Pokemon Blue video game. Pokemon Fire Red as well as Pokemon Leaf Green belong to the same version of Pokemon original game.

Here also, you have to choose the main character Pokemon and take part in combats. However, the game comes with few new features including contextual help menu as well as allows you to access the new area (region). Through the complete game, you have to capture and then raise the Pokemon to make use in attacks (battles). Initially, the game was just like a normal Pokemon gaming application. But after few days, the game began catching attention of millions of users all over the world. Most of the critics gave positive reviews for Pokemon Fire Red.

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