Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes: Special Pikachu Edition

Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes – Before getting through the codes for Pokemon Yellow, let’s know about the game. 20 years ago, the original Pokemon game was set out by Nintendo. Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition works similar to the original version. You can get same gaming experience which you get with the original version game. In Pokemon Yellow, you can battle the Pokemon with the help of local wireless which is available on Nintendo 3DS group of systems.

On the game, you can go for adventure with Pikachu and finish off with mono-chromatic pixel art. Also, you can experience good background music which is of 4-bit, as well as, great color enhancements. Here, you will play as a Pokemon Trainer and move around the Pokemon land along with Pikachu to search Pokemon. To stand as the best Trainer for Pokemon, battle, catch, besides trade perfectly. Get Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes here.

Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes

Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes

By getting the Game Shark codes, you can finish off the levels easily. After many experiments as well as reviews, these codes are given here. I am sure that you will enjoy playing Pokemon Yellow on your device. It’s like a surprise release to all the Pokemon fans across the globe.


  • One of the most popular Pokemon gaming applications available on the web.
  • It gives similar gaming experience which you get while playing the Pokemon original version.
  • Your device need to have good broad band connection to run Pokemon Yellow.
  • The interface if so simple and easy to use. Because of its features, user friendly interface, the game holds millions of the users all around the world for it.
  • You can download and install this specific gaming application on different set of devices, such as: Laptop, Smartphone, PC, iPhone, iPad, and so on.

Well, let’s look at the Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes here:

Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes

Pokemon Yellow Codes

  • 01017CCF – To Purchase the Master Balls at free of cost
  • To make the Pokemon look as Mew in the battle – 0115d8cf
  • 0115e8cf – Using this, you can make your opposite side Pokemon to burn as well as sleep
  • To catch the Wild Articuno – 014ad7cf
  • 014bd7cf – To catch the Wild Zapdos
  • For catching the Wild Motres – 0149d7cf
  • 0158d7cf – To catch the Wild Dratini
  • To catch the Wild Dragonair – 0159d7cf
  • 0142d7cf – For catching the Wild Dragonite
  • To catch the Wild Mewtwo – 0183d7cf
  • 0115d7cf – To catch the wild Mew
  • To catch the Wild Weezing – 018fd7cf
  • 0112d7cf – For catching the Wild Rhyhorn
  • To catch the Wild Rhydon – 0101d7cf
  • 0128d7cf – To catch the Wild Chansey
  • For catching the Wild Tangela – 011ed7cf
  • 0102d7cf – To catch the Wild Kangaskhan
  • For catching the Wild Horsea – 015cd7cf
  • 015dd7cf – For catching the Wild Seadra
  • To catch the Wild Goldeen – 019dd7cf
  • 019ed7cf – To catch the Wild Seaking
  • To catch the Wild Staru – 011bd7cf
  • 0198d7cf – For catching the Wild Starmie
  • To catch the Wild Mr.Mime – 012ad7cf
  • 011ad7cf – For catching the Wild Scyther
  • For catching the Wild Jynx – 0148d7cf
  • 0135d7cf – For catching the Wild Electabuzz
  • To catch the Wild Magmar – 0133d7cf
  • 011dd7cf – To catch the Wild Pinsir

Pokemon Yellow Game Shark Codes

  • To hook the Wild Tauros – 013cd7cf
  • For flying the Pikachu along with Balloons – 013f99d4
  • 013973d1 – To surf the Pikachu
  • To begin with Charizard – 01B41ED1
  • 01282fd0 – For unlimited PP (4th place)
  • During the match start, your opponent Pokemon cannot attack as well as burn – 0170e8cf
  • 019946d3 or 019947d3 or 019948d3 – To get infinite money coins on the game
  • To hold all the badges on Pokemon Yellow gaming application – 01ff55d3
  • 010017d0 – For security status
  • To not miss as well as hold more number of criticals – 01ffd5cf
  • 01033bd1 – To avoid the random battles
  • For getting the unlimited Casino coins on the game – 0199a3d5
  • To get infinite time with respect to the Safari Zone – 01f00dd7
  • 016446da – For acquiring infinite number of Safari Balls
  • To float on the air – 010a13d7
  • 013972d1 – For the Pacific region Pikachu
  • For infinite (unlimited) HP in the battle – 01ff15do
  • 01282cd0 – For inifinite count PP with respect to the 1st position
  • For infinite PP considering the 2nd place – 01282dd0
  • 01282ed0 – For infinite number of PP with respect to the 3rd position on the game

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