Pokémon Yellow ROM: Download the latest version of it | Enjoy playing the Game

Pokémon Yellow ROM | Special Pikachu Edition: Do you all game lovers? Then you must have known this game already if not know here. And this is the special Edition of the Pokémon Yellow ROM, and this is the third game of Pokemon’s series. And also this game is for Game Boy. Which is released all over the world? Know more details about this game like GBA ROM, 3DS ROM, and Game Boy ROM.

Pokémon Yellow ROM

Pokémon Yellow ROM

Here, let us find out more about the Pokemon Yellow Version which is the special edition of the Pikachu’s. As I already discussed that this is the third version game of the Pokemon’s. The first two versions are Red and Blue of Pokemon’s which are very fantastic. After the success of these two versions, the developers started launching this yellow version which also became very famous and popular. The main reason behind this is in this Pikachu mascot. And this Pokémon Yellow ROM has classic games which makes the players more fun and exciting while playing the games.

But in Japan, this is the fourth version game of Pokemon’s because there have released a successor versions like Red and also Green. So this became as the fourth version in Japan. Pokemon game developers, now they are trying for improving the other versions the game freaks are working for the upcoming versions of Pokemon Gold and also Pokemon Silver.

Pokémon Yellow ROM

The Developer of this Pokémon Yellow ROM is Game Freak on 1998. Firstly, they released it in Japan and then in October 1999 in the US and at last in Europe in 2000. And published by the Pokemon Company and also Nintendo. The platform chosen for this is the Game Boy. And this is a type of role-playing game. And in this two players can play the game simultaneously. For downloading this application, the users must and should have an emulator which is a Game Boy Emulator.

Pokemon 3DS Roms

In this Pokemon 3DS Roms, there are two versions named as X and Y Roms of Pokemon which are an English version. Let us know about this here. These are the next two versions which developed by the Game Freak. And these are the latest and newest games released on October 12th, 2013 by the Pokemon Company and also Nintendo.

Pokémon Yellow ROM

In this X and Y Roms, only one player should play the game. And this became very popular and many users downloaded this game version and enjoying their days without boring. The generic type of this game is Role-playing game as all series are of the same kind. As all series are pushing towards success, the Game Freaks are also working for other series. And Game lovers of Pokemon’s are waiting for these type of games much more. Now let us know about the Game Boy Roms of Pokemon.

Game Boy Rom of Pokemon

The Game Boy Roms of Pokemon is totally of Seven, and they are listed below.

  • Red ROM of Pokemon.
  • Blue ROM of Pokemon.
  • Green ROM of Pokemon
  • Silver ROM of Pokemon
  • Gold ROM of Pokemon
  • Sapphire ROM of Pokemon

To Know more about these GBA Roms, then you should stay tuned to our page by Clicking aforementioned. Now let us move into the features of the Pokemon Yellow ROM.

Pokemon Yellow ROM

Mind Blowing Features of Pokemon Yellow ROM

  • For better Visual appearance, they have increased the audio Upgrades.
  • In this application, better tunes are also present which makes players to play very interestingly.
  • This application has a Multiplayer Capability.
  • This purely a classic feel.
  • Total feel of the application Pokemon is Yellow. So this named as Pokemon yellow.
  • And this is a long and also Captivating mission.
  • Multiple colors will exist in the latest version of Pokemon Yellow ROM.

How to Download the Pokemon Yellow ROM


To download this, the users must and should have the emulator for the Pokemon Yellow ROM. Many new versions like 3DS, Game Boy and other categories. To run these, the developers designed many Pokemon classics. And all these can be downloaded for free which can be found directly on our site. Are you can check those on the official site. Just go to the official site of the Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition. After that just Click on the “Download” tab. And wait for some time until it downloads. Then the Pokemon Yellow ROM appears.

Pokemon Yellow ROM

Hope this information helps you a lot to know about the Pokemon’s Special Pikachu Edition. If I have missed any valuable content, then you can post them in comments. Our team will check those and respond to your comments. Which help you for further use. Thanks for visiting our page for more updates and latest information Click Here.

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